"Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Moths and Bats – Create a Living Habitat for Them"

Claudia Hambacker, GCII President, 2017-2019

Welcome to the official website of the Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. Idaho is a large beautiful state and a great place to garden. Our latitude promotes a growing season with long sunny days and cool nights. However, there are some significant challenges such as long dry periods, hot summer days and cold winter weather that occasionally comes with lots of snow. There are very diverse growing climates in Idaho but it is a part of our pioneer spirit to "deal" with them.

Learning to plant, water, weed and harvest begins at an early age and flows across the continuum of life for Idahoans, both for native or those of us who are transplants from other parts the country. It is a "Life Long" pursuit.

The Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. (GCII) invites you to become a member of a club near your home. We offer educational opportunities at local club meetings, District meetings, an annual state-wide Convention, and a Fall Board Meeting.

We are continuing to make the GCII website more user friendly and within the next year hope to bring educational opportunities online. We are striving to enhance communications among the three Districts of GCII by implementing an interactive Internet tool.

During the next two years GCII will be presenting a nationally-certified, Flower Show School series of courses for garden club members who wish to become Flower Show Judges and for everyone wishing to learn more about showing, using, or just enjoying well-grown flowers and floral designs.

GCII awards an annual scholarship to a college student for the study of horticulture and related areas. Member Clubs may compete for monetary awards at the State, Pacific Region and the National Garden Club levels.

I hope you will consider becoming a garden club member and will share your gardening knowledge and challenges with us. Click on "Find a Club" to view clubs and contact information for your area. If you need help finding a club, please contact me at: gcii.claudiah@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon,
Claudia Hambacker
GCII President
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