Club Awards

Available Awards

The Club offers a selection of awards in a wide range of categories:

  1. Standard or Small Flower Show (sponsored by one Federated Club)
  2. Standard or Small Flower Show (sponsored by 2 or more Federated Clubs)
  3. Standard or Small Flower Show (sponsored by a District, at least 1/5 Members must exhibit)
  4. Standard or Small Flower Show (sponsored by a Judge's Council)
  5. Christmas or Holiday Season Standard or Small Flower Show (sponsored by 1, 2 or more Clubs)
  6. Plant Society Standard or Small Flower Show
  7. Garden Club of the Year - A. Under 25 members - B. 25 Members or more
  8. Garden Therapy - A. Under 25 members - B. 25 Members or more - C. District
  9. Memorial Garden/Planting (Blue Star) - A. Club - B. District - C. State
  10. Civic Improvement:
    • To recognize permanent improvement for the public benefit via the development of public gardens. The program may be continuous but must have an advanced degree of completion prior to making the application.
    • Two awards are to be given each year if eligible applications are received. The award will be granted to cover material expenses up to $200 each. Receipts must be submitted to document expenses along with a book of evidence including pictures to show progress of project.
    • Prior year recipients are not eligible, but substantial improvements may be awarded another grant. Maintenance expenses are not eligible.
    • Application must be by a GCII member club.
  11. Yearbook - A. Under 20 Members; B. 20-29; C. 30-44; D. 45-69
  12. Publication-published article, pamphlet, book or slides/video/DVD options are for:
           A. Communications - B. Horticulture - C. Design
  13. Newsletter - A. Club - B. District - C. Plant Society
  14. Youth Involvement - A. Junior Garden Club - B. Youth Group - C. Club involvement with youth
  15. Conservation - A. Birds - B. Butterflies - C. Roadside Beautification
  16. Idaho History / Historic Trails / Preservation
  17. Wildflower - Native Flora - A. Club - B. District - C. State
  18. Unified Project - A. State - B. Regional - C. National
  19. Award of Appreciation presented to a Non-Member or Group
  20. Membership Award - Increased Membership from previous year (Do not apply for this award, it is determined by State Membership Chairman).
  21. Certificates of Performance -
          A. Horticulturist of the Year - B. Flower Arranger of the Year - C. Garden Club Person of the Year
  22. Promotion - Website/Facebook/Calendar
          A. Club - B. District - C. Plant Society
All awards are described in more detail on the National Garden Club Awards and the Pacific Region Awards pages. Monetary awards, trophies and certificates are also listed on these sites.


Award Rules

  • AWARD YEAR: January 1 to December 31.
  • DEADLINE: All applications and supporting evidence must be received by the State Awards Chairman by December 1. Awards of Appreciation nominations are accepted at any time.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Only Garden Club of Idaho members in good standing are eligible to apply for the Idaho State Awards.
  • PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING: All applications for state Awards must be made through the state Awards Chairman. The State Chairman then sends eligible applications (the first place winners) to Regional and/or National competition.
  • APPLICATIONS: All applications must be on official forms, obtained from the State Awards Chairman. The State President's signature vouches for the applicant's eligibility.
  • AWARDS: First, second, third and honorable mention may be given for all awards, except when otherwise stated. Awards are presented at the State Convention.
  • PRESENTATION: Awards are presented at the Annual State Convention by the State Awards Chairman or authorized stand-in.


Award Application

Deadline for applying for all awards, except Holiday Show awards, is December 1st. Deadline for Holiday Show award applications is January 1st.

[view the Award Application form (PDF)] or [download the fillable form (PDF form)]

For full details, see the chairman's Letter to Clubs (PDF).