Garden Clubs of Idaho's newsletter, "Gem State Gardeners", is distributed electronically several times each year to garden club members in Idaho. Back issues are available on the Newsletters page, along with links to other local, regional and national garden club newsletters.

Meeting Minutes

Record of Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. annual board meetings and conventions is available on the Meeting Minutes page.

Bylaws and Procedures

Current versions of the GCII Bylaws and Procedures documents are available on the Bylaws and Procedures page.

Group Tax Exemption Program (GTEP)

Full details about the GCII Group Tax Exemption Program (GTEP), along with all related documents and forms, are available on the Group Tax Exemption Program page.


Club Membership Registration

Garden Club Presidents should submit the Membership Form by May 1st of each year. The 2017 form, with submittal instructions and addresses, was sent to each Garden Club president of record.

This process change is temporary and only for the spring of 2017. An updated form will soon be posted for future use.

Affiliate Membership